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Emma Bengson


To travel the world and live out of a suitcase.

While cultivating passion and vitalizing the flowers in the vase.


Reside in a warm climate and have a successful marriage.

Have a furry child, a.k.a. a tiny dog, that I push around in a carriage.


Possess unlimited teas and coffees,

So that I never feel frosty.


And a cupboard stocked with all the vegan treats,

For when I’m dying to eat.


A sleep routine consisting of at least eight hours every night,

And a body and soul supplied with might.


I want a life that warms me up,

Like I just ate a gallon of tomato soup,

While wondering off the corners of the stoop.


Cozy and content.

Yet, alive and adventuring.




June 8, 2017

Lucius. I have been taken up with this band lately — playing their albums non-stop! They are an indie pop band based in Brooklyn, NYC. The voices of the two female lead singers simply give me butterflies. They were both voice majors at Berklee College of Music, so yes, they are pretty darn talented (ilovelucius.com) C. …

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So fall has now officially approached, which means PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! I love fall because of the comfy scarves and hats, the beautiful leaves changing color, and the delicious food– most of which is pumpkin flavored… Coffee, soups, and even ice cream becomes pumpkin flavor, so I created this little treat to help myself indulge in …

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So my girlfriend, who is also vegan, has a very busy schedule with art college. SO, I told her I would create a list of quick and easy meals (as well as vegan meal prepping) to help her out. I figured I would make this into a post to show that being vegan can be …

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Depending on your mindset, this varies greatly! For me I have found it pretty easy, but without self motivation and a deep internal drive, it may be a very hard diet and lifestyle to follow. Psychological studies have shown that it takes approximately 30 days to break a habit, any habit. So if you can …

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