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Travel. End of June – end of July I resided in New York City for family time and work (which I felt the need to state quickly, considering a good amount of these favorites were due to my surroundings there). August was spent mostly in Ohio at my rents, but I also spent some time in …

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Emma Bengson


To travel the world and live out of a suitcase.

While cultivating passion and vitalizing the flowers in the vase.


Reside in a warm climate and have a successful marriage.

Have a furry child, a.k.a. a tiny dog, that I push around in a carriage.


Possess unlimited teas and coffees,

So that I never feel frosty.


And a cupboard stocked with all the vegan treats,

For when I’m dying to eat.


A sleep routine consisting of at least eight hours every night,

And a body and soul supplied with might.


I want a life that warms me up,

Like I just ate a gallon of tomato soup,

While wondering off the corners of the stoop.


Cozy and content.

Yet, alive and adventuring.



June 8, 2017

New York, Ireland, France…Oh my!! All the FABULOUS things coming in the near future. But first, some updates on how my life has been lately… WRITING PRIVATELY / DEALING WITH ROUGH TIMES: So I have been really bad about keeping up with blogs since coming back to Ohio. It’s been a strange time for me the …

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I’ve officially lived here for five weeks. I don’t know how to describe it… it feels like I just got here, yet I’ve been living here for months. I am adjusting to the culture and getting more comfortable everyday. While I’ve only lived here for five weeks, there are so many things that I adore …

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There are definitely differences between the university here and at home. While at home we are required to do so many more assignments, essays, and readings, it’s a lot less rigorous here (not that I’m complaining). Almost to the point that I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I go to the lectures, but due …

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