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Never Run Dry

Emma Bengson


For all we know

There is a river

Meandering within us


There is no constant

The only “constant”

Is change


Ebbs and flows

Eroding the shore

The edges crumble


But where it is weakened

There is growth

In the deposition


We must keep going

Maintaining a calm progression

Throughout the turbulence


Never run dry

For where there is a current

There is synchronized evolution





August 3, 2017

Only 17 Days. Then I’m back in Ohio for my final year of college. After painting a load of furniture, helping lay the foundation of the shop, and painting the walls white, the shop is almost all set up and ready to open (EssentiallyVintage.ie if you want to check out the business I have been …

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I often feel like I was put on this earth to spread love, create acceptance, and make the world a better place. …And I don’t say this in an egotistical, I’m-better-than-anyone-else way, but just that I have a very unconventional, philosophical, optimistic and accepting view of the world. I don’t settle for things just because …

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I continue to experience a large amount of growth. I’ve always had a good idea of who I am and who I want to be, but every day it becomes clearer. I learn about myself, and the world, through my experiences, my engagements with other people, my mistakes, my happiness, and through tiny everyday tasks. …

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