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Emma Bengson


To travel the world and live out of a suitcase.

While cultivating passion and vitalizing the flowers in the vase.


Reside in a warm climate and have a successful marriage.

Have a furry child, a.k.a. a tiny dog, that I push around in a carriage.


Possess unlimited teas and coffees,

So that I never feel frosty.


And a cupboard stocked with all the vegan treats,

For when I’m dying to eat.


A sleep routine consisting of at least eight hours every night,

And a body and soul supplied with might.


I want a life that warms me up,

Like I just ate a gallon of tomato soup,

While wondering off the corners of the stoop.


Cozy and content.

Yet, alive and adventuring.




June 8, 2017

A big part of traveling for me is the food. I love experiencing a place through flavors, as well as all the shared memories and stories involved around food. Anyone that knows me well, knows my love for food and how happy it can make me (…as well as how grouchy I am without it). …

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Belfast, Northern Ireland is only a couple hours drive from Dublin. So while my parents were here visiting, we took a little road trip up to Belfast for the day! It’s a funny phenomenon driving on the opposite side of the road. But since I’ve been getting use to it lately, I’ve started to think that …

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Again, I’ve gotten so busy and bad about posting blogs. While it means less time for blogging, it’s also not a bad thing. I’ve been having a great time just living life. Between my parents visiting me, going to meet my girlfriends family, and college work, I feel like I’ve been constantly running with hardly …

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Oh my, has life been busy! (And today I saw my first snow in Ireland!!) Ever since I moved to the city, I really feel like Ireland, especially Dublin, has become my home. Back in Maynooth I lived in an on-campus apartment, which was alright, but not very comfortable or cozy. Since I moved to …

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