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December 13, 2017

The love I feel for my nephew is overwhelming, and I mean that in the best way possible. The large amount of love that blooms within my soul produces watery eyes. A few drops of tears rolling down my wintery pink cheeks. Happy tears at it’s finest. I don’t know if I have ever loved another human quite this much, at least not in this way. He is my nephew, but he is the first baby I have ever truly bonded with. In a way he kind of feels like my first, even though technically he is not.

I was with him for ten hours straight today, and while it is exhausting, I wouldn’t say it was hard. While there can be frustrating and challenging moments, I am genuinely grateful to be getting the time to bond with this little human.

December 16, 2017

Nine days. Every year I am excited for Christmas, but this year my excitement is on another level. The anticipation is amped up! The rest of my immediate family is coming to New York this year, and since they are visiting for a little while, it feels like Christmas is going to last a whole week, not just the one day.

A couple days ago I took the subway into Williamsburg to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I got a few gifts — I’m particularly eager for my nephew to open up his gift. I think he is going to love it (or at least I hope so).

I’m excited for the change of pace that Christmas will bring, aannnddd I’m excited to get on a couple planes next month. No matter where I am, after three to five months, I get itchy to pack a bag and travel. Whether it is a two hour drive away, or a seven hour plane ride. Whether it is for one night or one month, I purely love the act of traveling.

My first trip is going back home to my parents. Being away makes me appreciate where I grew up more. Living in a city makes me appreciate the suburbs much more. It helps balance out the craziness that can be New York. So I will be visiting my parents house in Ohio for a couple weeks at the beginning of January.

But, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this to come across as if I don’t appreciate where I currently am. I try to live as presently as possible, but I just get itchy. Traveling makes me appreciate home. I know I shouldn’t need travel to appreciate the normal everyday life, but it definitely helps. I like change. I like being a bit geographically unstable and all over the place (literally).

December 17, 2017

Tomorrow is the day off. A day of no obligations. I think I might head into Manhattan to visit The Met. Or I might just take short subway ride to this all vegan diner in Williamsburg (I follow them on Instagram; food porn at it’s finest!). Or just walk over to Bushwick. Considering I live in the neighboring neighborhood, it really doesn’t make sense that I haven’t taken the time to explore that part of Brooklyn yet. Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

I have been such a homebody with the babe lately. I have barely left the apartment in 48 hours. Which on one hand I love staying home, (especially with the colder weather I haven’t been super tempted to go far from the apartment), but I also know that some adventuring will do me good! I should get out of the apartment, actually explore the city I am living in. Take advantage of my time here.

It’s a two show day, so I am watching the kid nearly all day. I really don’t mind at all though, this kid warms my heart. He is a genuinely good hearted, kind human.

December 18, 2017

DAY OFF! Not that I don’t love watching Louie (I do!), but I won’t lie, having a day to myself is always appreciated.

What am I going to do? Well, it is currently 12pm, and all I’ve accomplished is: gentle morning yoga, finishing the last episode of SNL, and sipping on my second cup of tea. Oh, and a podcast: The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary. A podcast about slow living, minimalism, etc. It fits my lifestyle.

I should get out of the apartment. I can be such a homebody in the winter. After I finish my tea I need to wash the sleep off my face, put on my Levi’s, and head to the L. I don’t know if I want to face the crowd, but I think I’m going to head into Manhattan. What for? No real reason. Just to walk around the city. Eat some yummy food. See some sites, maybe a museum. Okay. Here I go…

(many hours later)

BACK HOME! It is 9pm. It’s been quite the day, but relaxing overall. I feel very emotionally energized at the moment. So what I actually ended up doing today:

  • Rockefeller Center. Saw the massive Christmas tree, the long queue of people waiting to ice skate, and a ridiculous amount of selfies.
  • Ate a salad. Vegan Caesar. So good! Since By Chloe (the restaurant) was packed I took my salad to go and I ate it outside by the Rockefeller Center. It’s December and I’m outside on a bench eating a salad? The irony. I realized after the fact how bizarre I looked. But, 1) in my defense it wasn’t the coldest winter day, and 2) I was people watching so I don’t really have room to care if others were people watching me (aka laughing at my cold ass).
  • I did some “shopping.” I put shopping in quotes because I mainly just browsed stores. While Victoria Secret is not my jam (at all), it was the one store that I was blown away with. It had spiral stairs going between the (at least) four levels of lingerie and pajamas. I felt like I was in a mansion — the store is comprised of a bunch of smaller rooms with massive doorways.I should have taken some pictures. I feel like a dork talking about it, but it was cool. Don’t judge me.
  • Bryant Park. Browed the vendors, got a vegan hot chocolate, and people watched ice skaters for quite some time. I love watching the little kids who push around the tiny penguin things (I clearly don’t know the technical term), so they can learn how to skate. Kids melt my heart, (if you haven’t noticed that already).
  • Dance Class. I decided that I would try out a donation based dance class in lower Manhattan. While everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming, I personally don’t think I will go back. It was an open level class, but not challenging enough for my liking.

(I’ll insert some photos below from Rockefeller and Bryant Park)

December 19, 2017

Today at the coffee shop I often go to, the guy taking my order thought my name was Nancy. Nope. Not even close, man.


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