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Here’s to the next phase of life. Or really just: Here’s to life! As a week-long “fam-cation” in Burlington, VT came to an end (four generations in one teeny tiny Airbnb overlooking Lake Champlain — a unique combination of chaos and calmness), I packed up my few belongings (minimalism makes moving exceptionally calm), and headed back into the city with my brother, sister(-in-law), and baby nephew.

*Wow, I just managed to write an unreasonably long sentence.*

And by the city, I am referring to New York City, as I’m sure you assumed from the title.

To those that are questioning why I am moving here, the quickest explanation is: Childcare. I am helping to take care of my baby nephew by being his nanny / third care-taker. While I can’t say four years ago I would have imagined this as my career after graduating, but boy oh boy, am I stoked! Also, due to the rather large age gap between my brother and I, this will be our first time living together after around fifteen-ish years. There is so much excitement bubbling between my head and toes that I can barely contain myself!


A quick recap from my first week here:

  • Got a bed. I have a bed. Thank the universe.
  • Been to the local coffee shops multiple times. (Again, thank the universe). The bagels and coffee just isn’t as good anywhere else.
  • Attended two shows: ‘KPOP’ and ‘One Night Only (running as long as we can)’
  • Went to a candlelit ‘Yoga to the People’ class in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
  • Did a Trader Joe’s haul (yes, this is a highlight of my week).
  • Seen some more familiar (beautiful, amazing, welcoming) faces and overall: settling in.
  • My heart is full. (Very, very full).







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