honest adventures of em

Queer. NYC. Plant-Based. Travels.

  1. Travel. End of June – end of July I resided in New York City for family time and work (which I felt the need to state quickly, considering a good amount of these favorites were due to my surroundings there). August was spent mostly in Ohio at my rents, but I also spent some time in Portland, OR + Seattle, WA. Thankful for the friends, family, and my minimalist life / financial ability, which allows me to travel.
  2. Window / Stand Alone Air Conditioners. Considering there were some very (VERY) hot days, I would have been drenched with sweat constantly in the apartment in New York + Portland if I was without a window air conditioner. (H-a-l-l-e-l-u-j-a-h-!)
  3. The Hudson River. While in Manhattan for work, I was only a few blocks away from the Hudson River; therefore, I would often go down by the river at the end of the day, sometimes walking miles and miles along the river. The serenity that consumes the air when around water is like none other. Peace at it’s finest.
  4. Alternative Baking Company Cookies. Best vegan cookies. You can thank me later.
  5. Long walks listening to Podcasts. Does this really need an explanation? Tune into the world around you, while also tuning into the mind expanding world of podcasts.
  6. Cafés. Again, do I need to explain why?! My favorite place to go to people watch, enjoy a drink, bagel, do some reading, and writing. Just my favorite place.
  7. Coffee. I’m not sure how it happens, but whenever I go traveling I consume a (much more) massive amount of caffeine than I do in my average life. Probably because I’m exhausted from travel, yet want to expand my day as long as possible to fit in the new scenery. I guess it’s not really a question why coffee becomes my crutch.
  8. Sizzle Pie. A pizzeria they have in Portland and Seattle (not sure where else..?). They serve pizza by the slice, and have the b-e-s-t vegan pizza. I would waste so much money there if I lived within walking distance to it. It’s safe to say I went there a few times while in Portland.
  9. The mountains in Portland + Seattle. Growing up in Ohio, the land is, well, pretty flat. A lot of farm land. Seeing all the mountains, specially getting to see Mt. Rainier, while reading a book next to Lake Washington in Seattle, was quite astonishing. I need to go and do more nature traveling / extended hikes in the future.
  10. Lou. For the grand finale, my little nephew, who will be turning one in less than a week, has to be acknowledged. I feel so blessed to have this little human in my life.





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