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Queer. NYC. Plant-Based. Travels.

When we grow up in one place, without really leaving, it’s easy to take what we have for granted. We get stuck in a routine. Stop exploring. Monotony.

We dream about finding the “perfect place,” but here’s the kicker to that joke: there is no “perfect place.” We can go searching and searching, always on the hunt to find that place. The place where everything just feels right and makes us happy. But, unless we possess the correct approach, live mindfully, surround ourselves with good souls and kind minds, then we will be searching our whole lives.

Of course if we are in a toxic environment, it is important to get out, but in general we cannot run away. We have to live life. Confront some hard truths we don’t want to accept.

After traveling and living abroad, I’ve found a brand new appreciation for home. Finding new places and a new admiration for normal places. It’s mind boggling all the little shops and parks I never went to before, even though it was a mere ten minute drive. Nothing changed — except my mindset. To live presently, with a heightened sense of awareness.

I made the conscious choice to explore around my town. To make new friends. To surround myself with good people. Interesting people. People with big hearts.

I used to think I would be happy once I reached a final destination. Now, I’ve realized I can be happy regardless. I don’t need a bunch of material items, nor a beach, nor a fancy huge house (actually I dream about a tiny house). I don’t need to be in an extremely exciting place to be happy. I can appreciate the now for entirely what it is.

With that being said, I still dream and look forward to traveling. To seeing more of the US (oh but, Hawaii… I can’t wait to venture out there) and Canada. To traveling to Germany, Italy, Sweden, Thailand, Bali, and a million more places.

But, I know I can live a happy, fulfilled life no matter where I am. I cherish everyday. I appreciate the people in my life. I practice self-care and mindfulness. I look forward to the future, but make sure to not take for granted all the things in front of me.

To get more philosophical, what is even real? The mind is powerful and can literally shift and change our reality. We can see trash as gold, all depending on our mindset. But, that’s a talk for another time!

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