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If you have followed along my journey at all, then I’m sure you are well aware that I live a vegan lifestyle. Veganism, for me, is not purely about the food I am putting in my body, but it also extends to being a conscious consumer in all areas. I strive to make sure all my purchases are cruelty-free and I love supporting small / local companies. It is inspiring to see companies striving to create a more vegan, cruelty-free world. It gives me hope for a brighter & kinder future!

While it’s easy to think about food, beauty products, and even shoes as being cruelty-free and vegan, we often overlook other areas, such as our bedding. A lot of good quality bedding is made with down, silk, or wool (all of which are clearly not cruelty-free). And unfortunately, the vegan alternatives don’t tend to be up to par most of the time.

When the company, Charm, reached out to me, I was very excited to see a small company striving to create top-quality, cruelty-free comforters for a relatively cheap price. After talking with the co-founder, Shoaib Kabani, (and testing out the comforter by dreaming underneath it myself– as I have my own), I am happy to say it lives up to all its standards!

Charm comforters are 100% natural and cruelty-free, (isn’t that amazing?!?)


With the Charm design containing eucalyptus tree fibers and natural volcanic ash, it is breathable and hypoallergenic. The natural volcanic ash is used to help wick moisture (preventing that awful feeling of waking up sweaty), and the eucalyptus fibers prevents mold, mildew and mites, which makes it extremely hypoallergenic (which for someone like me, who constantly has a runny nose from some kind of allergen, is an intriguing aspects of this comforter). The eucalyptus also keeps the comforter smelling and feeling fresh and new! If you would like to find out more about Charm just visit charmsleep.com.


This comforter is also featured in my latest video, Cruelty-Free Favorites:

(PS: I will never promote anything I don’t fully believe in)

SOO, if you happen to be intrigued, you can purchase this 100% cruelty-free comforter (for 100 days risk-free)! Just click on this link and enter the discount code “EMMA” upon check out for $25 off and free shipping… And you’re all set!

Thank you, friends! Feel free to ask any questions and reach out to me!





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