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So it’s been 18 days since I wrote anything. And that fact pains me. Life has been a constant non-stop routine…. Work, college, work, repeat…

Writing is one of my favorite things to do. It always has been, I literally have fifteen journals just full of writings from when I was a kid, I used to write everyday and multiple times a day until around age 15 or so when I got too busy. It warms my heart to have this blog now, but I hate that I don’t have more time to contribute to it…

So on to the actual update…!! It’s been almost exactly 6 weeks since I moved back to America from Dublin, Ireland. I returned home at 2am on August 23rd, and then started classes at 9am the next morning (I know, I know, people tell me I’m crazy, and I honestly can’t deny it haha). BUT one thing I loved about getting back and immediately rushing into school, was that I really didn’t have any time to be sad and it forced me to just dive into life head first and start swimming, leaving me no time to drown.

Since I’ve been home I’ve been lucky to have gotten two jobs. One is a secretarial / data entry clerk position at the purchasing department on my campus, and my second job is at a smoothie & sandwich cafe in my town. Between those two jobs I work around 25-30 hours a week, thankfully I am earning a little bit higher than minimum wage, but still, it’s not like I’m going to rich at all…

My life has become a constant balancing act of two jobs, college, trying to maintain some sort of regularity on my blog (as well as my attempt to start an at least semi-successful youtube along side this), maintaining a long distance relationship, and somehow finding time for myself so I don’t lose my sanity.

Since I’ve been home I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings, I have gotten to see family which I love (and I got to be there for my nephews birth, which was incredible!), but no matter what, a part of my heart just isn’t here. I long to travel, explore, to be independent and be with the woman I love. I know this year has to be done, and I’m trying my hardest to make the most of it, but the countdown until I fly back to Ireland started the second I left Ireland.

I long to move back to Dublin, to be in the city again, and to work some job where I can save up enough money to go traveling around Europe.

…Needless to say, I can’t wait to graduate!


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