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Depending on your mindset, this varies greatly! For me I have found it pretty easy, but without self motivation and a deep internal drive, it may be a very hard diet and lifestyle to follow.

Psychological studies have shown that it takes approximately 30 days to break a habit, any habit. So if you can challenge yourself, stick with it, and do it with a positive mindset, then you will be able to succeed… And you will most likely wonder why you didn’t transition earlier.

Again, I am going to talk about positive mindsets and attitudes. If someone goes into veganism expecting to not like it and for it to be terrible, then of course that person won’t stick with it, but with a positive mindset it is so easy and possible!!

I choose this lifestyle because it matches my ethics and morals. I deeply believe and want to live this lifestyle, and with time I have completely killed any animal product cravings (and now I honestly find any animal product repulsive), so that makes it super easy to be vegan. I wouldn’t want to eat animal products even if I could!

I think the hardest part of being vegan is the challenge of having to explain veganism and (sometimes being forced to defend your diet and lifestyle) to other people.  While you will definitely come across so many good hearted and understanding people (or at least people that want to learn about it), there is a good amount of people that hate change. They are scared of anything that challenges their idea of how life should be lived. So, they reject it and try to convert people to their “way of life.”

As being a vegan myself I will always support those who are interested in the lifestyle and help spread the word, but I promise I will never force anything on anyone that doesn’t want to listen. If people want to change the only way they really will is if they personally decide to. It’s impossible to change a person, because change comes from within.

Despite the occasional challenges of people or restaurants, a vegan diet (with a little research and thought) is such an easy life style!

And if you want to hear and see me expand more about this topic, just watch the video below… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is Being Vegan Hard?

  1. ktkickass says:

    So awesome to meet you!! Thanks for following! I agree, I think it’s easy being vegan, but I do love animals and I just can’t eat them anymore. My first year anniversary is coming up and I am soo excited. Wish I had gone vegan years and years ago, but I am happy that I am right now! I go to these monthly vegan potlucks so its a great supportive network!! I love sharing the news and information about veganism when people ask me why…. I listen to all the doctors (Greger, Campbell, Barnard, McDougall, Esselstyn) and I can share scientific information, facts, about our health! I could never go back knowing all that I have learned now!! I am hoping through our blogs that we can change people’s minds and be supportive! Love your blog and the “Insights of the World”. Have a wicked day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I wish I had gone vegan a long time ago too! Better late than never, I guess. Looking forward to your future blog posts! (:


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