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I am a HUGE believer that happiness doesn’t come from money. And if you don’t believe me, look up some scholarly research. Psychological studies have shown that money does not create long-term happiness (of course this is if someone is above the poverty level and has enough money to live comfortably and in a good environment). But for the average, middle class to upper class person, money does not create happiness.

(Disclaimer: These are my opinions on the topics, so please feel free to agree or disagree, but out of my 20-something years of living, this is my conclusion…)

The seed of success has to be planted & rooted in one’s mindset.

It is all about self-fulfilling prophecies. It’s about mindset and your approach.

Everything starts with a person’s mindset. If someone goes into something with a negative mindset, expecting failure & the worst, then most likely they will fail. It will not go their way and they will push away the positive outcomes.

On the other hand, if a person is confident and approaches life with a positive mindset and attitude, then they have a much greater chance of things going their way and succeeding.

I also believe that success is an illusion. Success and happiness are different for everyone. There is no one definition, and it is all based on a person’s perspective. One person’s definition of success could be another person’s definition of failure. It is all rooted in a person’s individual passions and goals.

In life there are a lot of things we can’t control. The only real control we have is over our thoughts and actions. We can’t control other people or the many other factors in the world around us. Understanding and applying this idea of control to my life has majorly reduced my anxiety. I’ve learned to control what I can realistically control, and then choose to approach and handle all the rest that is out of my control in the best & healthiest way I know how to.

While most of life is out of our control we do have control over a few things… Our mindset and how we perceive events and happiness. Happiness comes from within. (I know, that sounds cliche and cheesy, but it is true). We cannot rely on external factors or other people for happiness, because that will never bring a truly deep happiness into our bodies and minds.

Our success and our happiness all comes from within. Stay positive. Stay motivated. Work hard… And you will reach success & happiness.


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