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What is veganism… A diet? A lifestyle? Well it is what you make of it. For some people it will purely be only a diet and for others it will be more. Some people go to the extreme and their whole life revolves around veganism, and for others it is purely just avoiding animal products. (Not all vegans are even healthy at all, there is such a thing as a “junk food vegan.”)

For me it is a lifestyle change. 

A big change in this lifestyle started with self-love… gaining the respect and love for my body & mind to be the healthiest I can be. Not only is my diet specifically a very healthy diet, but it is also about being good to the planet and the animals that live among us. I have a very biocentric worldview, meaning I believe that humans are on the same level as animals and the planet. Every aspect of the world is meant to live in peace and synchrony and it is a constant give and take relationship. If we take care of the world, then the world will take care of us in return (but unfortunately if we keep on exploiting the earth at this rate, it won’t be able to take care of us or our future generations for much longer).

The many aspects involved in my lifestyle change include…

  • Eating a healthy, whole foods, plant-based diet (avoiding processed foods and refined sugar, as well as obviously any animal products)
  • Getting enough sleep (this is SUPER important for a healthy body and clear mind)
  • Meditation & yoga (center yourself and calm your mind)
  • Becoming grounded and connected to the earth (go back to when we were kids and loved nature)
  • Minimalism (clear space equals a clear head AND it reduces the amount of waste a person accumulates)
  • Being a conscious consumer (putting thought into all my purchases)
  • Buying cruelty free products (obvious why… we don’t want to be putting innocent animals through the horrors of product testing– look up a video if you don’t understand this)
  • Buying clothes from ethically conscious companies and recycling clothes at second hand/thrift shops (reduce, reuse, recycle) (also, don’t support sweatshops… they are humans too and don’t deserve to be treated like that by mass companies)

Now that I have voiced my opinions, what are your opinions on the topic? Let’s start a conversation below (:



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