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Only 17 Days. Then I’m back in Ohio for my final year of college.

After painting a load of furniture, helping lay the foundation of the shop, and painting the walls white, the shop is almost all set up and ready to open (EssentiallyVintage.ie if you want to check out the business I have been working for). And with that being almost done, hopefully my girlfriend and I will get more time for ourselves these last few weeks before we have to go long distance.

There is a multitude of emotions that I am feeling towards leaving one home and going to my other home… To be filled with the extremes of both emotions is a strange feeling all in itself.

While another post will be coming along with a reflection on this past year, for now I am going to write about some things that I am excited for once I go home. That way, I can re-read this on the plane ride home to hopefully help reduce my tears.

So things I am excited for…

1. Veganism. At 10 I went vegetarian, and remained vegetarian until this past January when I decided to try the whole pescatarian thing (aka adding fish to my diet). But now after doing more research on health and diets, I have decided that I want to start living a vegan lifestyle. While I am eating largely (around 90%) vegan now, for various reasons I am waiting to go 100% vegan until I am home at the end of the month. Therefore, going home will be a more official start this new lifestyle.

2. Minimalism & Cleaning. I have managed to live without any item in my bedroom at home for the past year… Therefore I realized I will be able to do a big cleaning out of my room when I get home. I always think that the less you have material wise (well within reason), the more room you have for loving yourself and the people around you!

3. My last year of college. Only nine more months until I am a college graduate, which I don’t think that needs much of an explanation for why I am excited. I am going to put my all in and enjoy this last year, but I am beyond excited for the journey that will begin next May!

4. I get to see my family and cats (and a baby is on the way)! Again, I think it’s pretty obvious why I am excited for this. I will get to spend some much needed time with my parents once I am home, get an abundance of cat cuddles, and I can’t wait to welcome a little guy into this world!

5. Change. Last of all, I am excited to see where this next step in my life will takes me.


2 thoughts on “As it comes to an end…

  1. Kay says:

    Hope everything works out really well for you Emma but we are really going to miss you here.


    1. Thank you so much! I am going to really miss all of you ❤️


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