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Painting, eating, sleeping, and repeat. That is the basic daily routine. While it can be monotonous, I also feel very lucky to be living this life. I get to be creative through paint and fixing up pieces. Lately I’ve been loving the distressed, rustic furniture. There is a certain sort of life that seems to be exposed when it is distressed. It looks lived in, used, loved.

And not only have I been painting, but we are in the process of building and putting the shop together. Last week we were put to work and had to lay the cement base of the shop (aka a shed/ barn type of building). The guy with the cement was very surprised and impressed when he saw that it was only Ro and myself helping her dad spread and even out the cement… I am learning many different trades this summer.

UPDATE: And the shed is now up…

Helping with a business that is just starting is exciting and inspiring. I am feeling such an emotional tug to start my own business. I have never felt like I would like working a typical nine to five job under a boss. While there are many challenges in starting and running a business, it is very appealing to me.

Enjoying the country side (Walks & bike rides). The serenity of the country side is like none other. I often can get stressed and stuck in my head when things start to feel over whelming, but one of the best cures for me is finding different ways to clear my head. Being out in the country side, in solitude, is such an incredible remedy. Being surrounded by nature just reminds me of how small I am, how small my problems are, compared to the massive world. It also reminds me of the simplicity of life. Everything is just put into perspective.

While on our last bike ride, we got stopped and had to wait a few minutes while the cows crossed the road.

And Puppy Therapy Everyday…

Trips to Dublin. And while I love the country side, I also love escaping in the city. Getting lost in the crowd, popping in and out of all the shops, buying delicious & freshly made donuts, etc. My perfect home would be in the country, but with only a shortish (around 45-30 minute) drive to the city. That way I could get the best of both worlds.

This summer is definitely an experience…!


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