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And we are off to my first music festival…

After waiting in a million queues… To buy bus tickets, to get on the bus, to get into the campsite. We got in and started setting up our camp site (aka our cheap 25 euro tent) and getting ready for the festivities.

Once the gates to the arenas finally opened, we walked around the multiple different arenas and discovered our favorite spots and areas.

In one of the bigger arenas they had a cute “home” section with plenty of couches, smaller stages, and game areas (table tennis, etc.) set up like different rooms in a house.

But my favorite space had to be the woods… (the pictures I have do not do it justice..)

Within the woods there was one specific tiny stage that we loved. It was a stage full of smaller acoustic bands (they also had an open mic there as well). It was nice to just chill out and listen to good acts. While most people were off their heads and listening to DJs/dance music most of the time, we were tucked away in this little stage, sober, and surrounded by mainly older folks. (We are grandmas most of the time!)

“Will you mind my cucumber?” A guy at the festival casually asked up to watch his cucumber while he left the stage. People can just be free and weird at these places and no one cares one bit (an aspect I love)!

IMG_8943Unfortunately one part of the music festival that I wasn’t very impressed with was the music… I didn’t know many of the bands that would be there, but I figured it would still be good. While a handful of it was good, most was mediocre, and there were way to many DJs in my preference. Not enough live bands. But we still had a good time (and all the delicious food made up for it!!)

So by far, one of me favorite part of the festival: food! Crêpes, home cooked potato wedges, vegan meatball sub, vegan ice cream (Nóbo), Thai noodles, pies, etc.

While the weather wasn’t all that great most of the weekend (cold and moist), Saturday afternoon was glorious. The sun came out, and everyone was laying in the grass!


And of course an aspect that made this festival even more amazing: dis’ girl!!

Unfortunately on Saturday evening and Sunday, it just lashed..! The combo of rain, wind, and a load of people led to the famous festival muck… Mud everywhere. It was impossible to walk due to the mud being so slippery. You would basically just sink right down into it. All the people in runners and sandals were sad and having a terrible time, but thankfully I had a nice pair of boots that kept my feet dry and protected.


While the original plan was to stay Sunday night and head back home Monday, but we decided to pack up and leave Sunday evening. Mud everywhere, and our cheap 25 euro tent failed us and everything was dreadfully soaked. While the weekend was fun, I was also very happy to get back to a shower and a proper bed!


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