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We just returned from Body & Soul music festival here in Westmeath, Ireland. And of course before the music festival took place, we had to pack and prepare for it. So this blog post is dedicated to all the prep and packing needed for a music festival.

While some people take caravans, we are going in our tiny, two-man, twenty-five euro tent from Lidl. And since neither of us can drive here in Ireland (you need an international drivers license to drive here, a US license alone doesn’t count), we must also take buses and therefore carry everything we take. So we shall be packing as light as possible!

Day Bag. First off, you will want a tiny bag to take around with you during the day of the festival to carry your everyday essentials and more valuable possessions you decide to take. I personally bought this cheap bum bag from amazon.co.uk for a mere 3.40 euros. In my bag I will carry:

  • Phone
  • A power bank (portable charger) & USB cord
  • Tissues (you never know when the portaloos will run out of tissues)
  • Hand sanitizer for obvious reasons
  • Little pack of wipes
  • Wallet (ID, card, money)
  • A few bandaids
  • Lip balm and sun cream
  • A small deodorant


    My everyday essentials!

Camping. As far as camping you will need some necessities…


Tip: If you have a new tent make sure you know how to set it up and take it down before heading to the festival. Here I am trying out the tent with little Miss Daisy!

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • First aid kit, pain medicine, allergy medicine, stomach medicine, etc.
  • Plastic bags (bin or wet clothes)
  • Bin bags to use to sit on the ground if it’s wet or muddy!

Mmmmmm. Food, snacks, drinks.

  • Food (Fruit, protein bars, crisps, chocolate and sweets, biscuits, nuts, peanut butter and bread, etc.)
  • Water bottle (STAY HYDRATED!)
  • Alcohol if you choose to (most festivals don’t allow glass, so take some cans or put your drink in plastic bottles).

Personal Hygiene. Honestly, no one has that good of hygiene at festivals, but there are some simple things you can take to freshen up quickly. Most festivals have showers for a small fee, but it’s not often worth it. Just take some wipes and freshen up in your tent!

  • Any kind of wipes (I tend to buy baby wipes due to cost and because they are sensitive)
  • Tooth brush & paste
  • Contacts, contact solution & glasses (if you wear them)
  • Lotion– one with a nice scent is lovely to freshen up with!
  • Face wash and a little bit of soap to wash hands, arm pits, etc.
  • Towel (also good to have to dry off if you get caught in some rain)
  • Deodorant is a must have!!!
  • Body spray or perfume
  • Some make-up (but no need to over do it… some mascara, eyebrow gel, and a little bit of eye shadow and lipstick is more than enough! And take a mirror as well to help out!)
  • A brush and hair ties (well if you have hair, unlike myself)

Clothes. A main part of festivals for people is the outfits they take. While yes, it is fun to be cute, make sure to also take clothes which you are comfortable in… Especially shoes that won’t tear your feet apart.

  • Comfortable bottoms
  • Some shirts
  • Denim jacket
  • Flannels
  • Socks, bras, & knickers
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Good shoes

Tip: Laying out all your clothes options and trying on outfits is a fail-proof way to decide on good outfits!

Don’t over pack too much, but also don’t under pack. But if you do forget something, it’s okay, it is not the end of the world.

And lastly… A good mindset! Make sure to enjoy your time & the people you are surrounded by, because that is what is most important thing after all!


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