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Well, we have been living in the country for nearly a week now. My days here have been consisting of mainly painting, eating, and talking.

I get woken up at around 8am every morning by Jed, the family rooster, loudly crowing outside our window. Jed, by the way, is the one and only family rooster. He used to have two sister-wives (the hens– cluck and chuck, I believe are their names), but sadly chaos entered this house yesterday due to a fox coming around… we know the rooster and one of the hens are okay, but we found a pile of feathers in the garden… Sad loss, but I guess it’s the circle of life.

After getting woken up by Jed,my girl and I casually lay in bed and enjoy every last minute we have in the morning before having to start the day. Since we know we will be in a long distance relationship for quite some time once the summer ends, we are making the most of every minute and moment we can get.

IMG_8745After dragging ourselves out of bed, we head downstairs to have some breakfast before spending the afternoon painting. So far, I have painted two chairs (which are more of a hassle than you would think) and a handful of smaller bedside & coffee tables. (A few that I did are pictured).

IMG_8746Here in Ireland they love their tea, so throughout the day we have tea and coffee breaks. We will all do our little painting or wood working jobs, and then break for tea. Then back to painting, then lunch & tea. Then back to painting, then back to tea.(You get the picture). Then on to dinner and then having the evening off to relax.

Lunch and dinner tend to be eaten as a whole family, with most of the meals consisting of fish, salad, cheese, and bread. The weather the past few weeks has been lovely, and because of the sun there were lots of barbecues and pizza’s made in their home-built pizza oven!


Daisy: The beloved, princess dog of the house. (She has a very cat-like personality).

Most of the evenings are family based too… watching TV, talking, having more tea and biscuits, etc. And nights lately have consisted of movies nights in bed with Ro. Lately we have watched “Still Alice” and “Short Term 12,” both which I recommend if you are in the mood for a more emotional film. And of course, I love all the animal love I receive in this house as well!

Needless to say though, I feel very blessed and lucky to be living this life! ❤


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