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Well it’s official… I have moved out of Dublin.

BUT, that doesn’t mean my time in Ireland has come to an end! Different plans have been discussed for the summer, but my girlfriend and I made the decision to move back to her family’s home for the summer! Her parents have recently opened up a new shop and we have come here to lend a helping hand– spending our days painting furniture, doing social media promotions, and helping set up a shop!

We have a summer full of the country side: hens waking us up early in the morning, dogs running everywhere, our neighbors are sheep, and the cows awaits us down the lane!

Here is a short montage of the country side, our good cow friends, and relaxing with a beer & the dogs after a long day….

Another thing that was appealing to us, besides the peace and quiet, is that we would have a little more money to spend on enjoying ourselves, instead of just getting by with enough money for rent and food! So we have some exciting events coming up for us…

Body & Soul Music Festival.

I have never been to a music festival before, but Róisín has been to many. So we are going to go to a weekend long, camping, music festival in a couple of weekends! We will pack up all our things, take a tent to live in, and go camp out for the weekend. The festival is held at a castle in Westmeath, Ireland, and it is supposedly very gorgeous! It shall be a weekend full of hippies, art, chill music, fair trade food, yoga, partying, and relaxation (Body & Soul).


The weekend after the music festival is Pride in Dublin. So naturally, we will be heading back down there for the weekend. Last summer was when marriage equality became a thing in Ireland, so I expect this pride to be extra special! So we shall celebrate equality and love with many friendly faces and a beer (or two… or possibly three…!)

Traveling this summer.

And lastly, Róisín and I hope to take a trip to the UK to go and visit my brother and sister-in-law while they are there for work. I miss them so much and would love to visit and spend some time with them… Plus I am just bursting with eagerness to introduce them to my girl! Hopefully the trip will work out and we can go and spend at least an evening with them!

So to sum it up, I have an exciting summer full of love, family, and relaxation!


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