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A big part of traveling for me is the food. I love experiencing a place through flavors, as well as all the shared memories and stories involved around food. Anyone that knows me well, knows my love for food and how happy it can make me (…as well as how grouchy I am without it). So this blog is dedicated to the food, the stories, and experiences while eating in Amsterdam.

During our trip we stopped and got waffles and gelato in a shop called, Ice Bakery, which is by Nutella. And a little fun fact I found out while trying to figure out where Nutella originated from… As according to Nutella.com, “Originally, Nutella® was a smart solution to a tricky problem: the shortage of cocoa supplies following World War Two. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker from Piedmont in Italy, ingeniously created a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar and just a little of the rare cocoa.” Little did they know then, Nutella and Ferrero Roche would take off and be loved globally!

(Also, Nutella is everywhere here, which I am not at all complaining about!!)

When we were at the café getting sweets, my parents were off getting gelato and I ordered a waffle on the opposite side of the place. Just being nice, I started up conversation while the guy made my waffle. I asked just simple things I always ask when traveling, “What’s good to do around the place?”, “Any favorite places to go or eat?”, etc. I didn’t mean to be flirty, but I guess that is how he took it, leading to him asking me out on a date while I was in town (he also gave me extra strawberries and Nutella on my waffle as well). Then I crushed him gently with the, “I have a girlfriend” card. Poor fella. He took it well though and wished me a good rest of my trip.

Another very common thing: cheese and wine shops…

IMG_8350And on the topic of food… another thing found in Amsterdam is the FEBO fast food restaurants, which are basically vending machine style fast food shops.

It’s hot food and you simple just put some coins in to get the food out. Considering I couldn’t read the signs (I mean they were in dutch), I didn’t order anything since I didn’t know if it would be vegetarian, but I saw plenty of these shops around.

Another food place we went to was a salad bar, SLA (ilovesla.com), where my parents and I got some delicious salads and soup. I got the falafel salad, which is the one to the left in the picture….So yum!! It was such a cute restaurant, with a gorgeous little tea section… Very tumblr-esque!

One day after we went on our canal boat ride/tour, my parents and I were ready for a little afternoon pick me up. We went to this very cute cafe, Back to Black (http://www.backtoblackcoffee.nl/), where there were a ton of fresh flowers and plants, a million light-bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and of course… a cat!! While we were there we chatted with the man sitting next to us, he just moved to Amsterdam, but originally from Malaysia (if I’m remembering correctly). He moved to Amsterdam for two reason… 1) to be with his girlfriend, and 2) to carry on the legacy of his parents, which is to make and sell boats, so he planned on opening his own business in Amsterdam.

By the way, I couldn’t get over how incredibly cute their coffee cups are… “Thank you for being addicted”…!!!

And on our last night in Amsterdam, we went to one of the old “brown cafés.” These are old pubs in Amsterdam, which are termed “brown café,” due to the dark hue on the walls and wood from smoking indoors many, many years ago. We got some good beer, cider, and pubs snacks (some cheese… my favorite!). This was one of my favorite evenings because we just sat and talked for a few hours. I got to hear stories of my parents life and their youth, times like this are my favorite… Just connecting with the people you love!

Another main aspect of the pub that I completely adored was the pub cat! The little kitty came over and sat in the corner with us for quite some time. Nothing like sipping on a beer and chilling with a cat!

The trip to Amsterdam was so lovely! I feel so blessed to have this opportunities, and beyond grateful to have such supportive, loving parents, that help me live a fairytale life!

What else can I say? It was a beautiful place, shared with beautiful people!


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