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Well, as of this week I have officially finished my third year of college, which also means I’m officially finished with my year of college in Ireland! But thankfully, my time in Ireland is not coming to end yet though…As I won’t be moving back to the States until August.

The end of April and this month have been packed and busy. I’ve spent countless hours studying, and I have also moved into, yet another, house, this time in a more residential area on the south side.

This house is only temporary for the month, and it’s nice having a change and living in another part of Dublin, but I’m also very eager to see if I can move back into city center! I’m still living with my girlfriend, but also for this month we are sharing a room with our good friend from France as well!

One part that I have absolutely loved about the house is the front garden. I have spent countless hours laying out there in the sun! One day last week there was about eight of the housemates and I with a bunch of blankets in the front garden. We were out there all day long just enjoying the sun (and occasional, freezing gusts of wind). And fyi, any yard here is just considered a garden. A garden is not just a place were fruit, flowers, or vegetables grow, but a garden is also just what we would call a front or back yard.

In Ireland whenever it is sunny, everyone always goes out and enjoys it while it’s there, because you may never know will you will actually see the sun again.

But I very much miss the last house and all the girls there! We got so spoiled with everything… The location, the house, the garden, the people, our room, the basement… It’s one of those houses that just makes everything after it not seem so nice.

I miss our family dinners and night sessions…

The reason I haven’t posted lately is because honestly my life hasn’t been too interesting. It’s mainly just consisted of studying, taking my exams, moving, and spending time with my housemates and girlfriend here. But now that college is over I have time to get back to actually living!

Now it’s time to enjoy life, find a new place to move to in two weeks (so much moving this year… I will be moving into my fourth place here next month!), hopefully finding a job, and planning a trip out of the country (possibly France *winky face*). So much more exciting news will be coming soon, and hopefully some more vlogs as well!

Much Love, Em


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