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Belfast, Northern Ireland is only a couple hours drive from Dublin. So while my parents were here visiting, we took a little road trip up to Belfast for the day! It’s a funny phenomenon driving on the opposite side of the road. But since I’ve been getting use to it lately, I’ve started to think that it will be weird going back to the States and having cars drive on the right side of the road. There will definitely be some culture shock when I move back to the States to finish college.


Once we got to Belfast, it was already lunch time, so we went to a tiny little diner in town, “Blinkers” where I got a cheese and pineapple toastie and some mushrooms. Nothing fancy, but it was a good lunch for my parents and I.

After lunch we just walked through the city, before getting coffee and heading onto the Giant’s Causeway. (Belfast has a lot of giant murals and is famous for them).

Off to one of the prettiest places I have seen during my travels… The Giant’s Causeway. It is a huge tourist attraction filled with numerous people taking selfies (which I will admit I am guilty to as well)….

Apparently the rocks were formed from a volcanic eruption millions of years ago, but there are of course myths revolving around the rocks and there intriguing formations (one thing Ireland is big on is tradition, superstitions, and folklore). One of the folklores, that I personally like the best, goes along the lines of there being a giant named Fionn (or Finn) who was in love with a Scottish lady and so he built the causeway to safely bring his love to Ireland with him. ❤

My parents and I lucked out, since we have the most beautiful weather we could have hoped for….

And of course we had to take pictures…

After a while of picture taking, we just sat on the rocks and let the wind blow through our hair (back when I still had hair), and listen to the waves crashing into the rocks.

I swear there is nothing more peaceful than nature, a sunny sky, and the ocean. A certain serenity just washes over the whole moment. And if for that moment, and that moment only, everything is perfect and right in the world.

Afterwards, we decided to take the “scenic route” back to Dublin instead of the motorway. It was nice to begin with, but then the sun set and my dad was driving through the tiniest, curviest roads in the dark with the stereotypically Irish, large hedges. Needless to say, it was fun, but also a little bit of a crazy drive. And on the way we also discovered that all little towns in Northern Ireland must close super early, since they were just ghost towns. This left us with no idea of where we could stop for dinner. Eventually once back on the motorway we found a rest stop and got Burger King (how American of us…. not a first choice at all, but it was like 9pm and we were craving something to eat for dinner and it was the only option we could find at the moment).

The day was a lovely, peaceful, adventure filled time spent with my lovely parents! ❤


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