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Again, I’ve gotten so busy and bad about posting blogs. While it means less time for blogging, it’s also not a bad thing. I’ve been having a great time just living life. Between my parents visiting me, going to meet my girlfriends family, and college work, I feel like I’ve been constantly running with hardly any breaks.

A Family-Filled Holiday…

I had two weeks of holiday (a two week break off of college), and during that time my parents came to visit! It was a crazy time full of traveling around Dublin, St. Patricks Day celebration, going up to Northern Ireland, a crazy one day trip to Cork, and then off to Amsterdam for four days. (More detailed blog to come about Northern Ireland and Amsterdam soon). It was amazing getting to show my parents a part of the new life I have created here, as well as introducing them the person I love. I obviously don’t get much time with my parents in person due to the distance (just lots of texts, calls, and video chats), so it was incredibly nice of them to come all the way to visit me and also to take me traveling with them to Amsterdam!

After spending two weeks with my family, I went up to my girlfriends house for the first time and had a proper Irish Easter! She loves her family loads and I can understand why…. They are just amazing!!

The holiday was great, busy, and filled with family! ❤

The Stress of College…

Once the break was over, it was immediately back to college and the stress of assignments. I also was dealing with a load of emails back and forth with my college so I could figure out how to graduate a semester early! Now I’m all registered for online summer courses, my fall courses, and if all my credits from this year transfer correctly, I am not that far away from being a college graduate!! Hallelujah!

On the Search for a New Place to Live…

Lately Ro and I have also had to start looking for a new place to live as well. Our current house we are renting a room in has been bought by new owners and we just got notice recently that we have to sadly move out by the end of the month. Finding a place to rent, as a low enough price and good location is difficult here, but thankfully we have a viewing for a good apartment today (with literally the best location) this evening. I’m crossing my fingers it all works out!!

Oh and if no one has notice yet, I shaved my head as well….

While life is crazy, I also can’t complain. I honestly feel like since I’ve moved here I have started to become the more authentic version of myself. And it feels amazing. 


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