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Oh my, has life been busy! (And today I saw my first snow in Ireland!!) Ever since I moved to the city, I really feel like Ireland, especially Dublin, has become my home. Back in Maynooth I lived in an on-campus apartment, which was alright, but not very comfortable or cozy. Since I moved to Dublin things have been so much better!

First off, it’s so incredibly lovely to live in a house. A proper house. (Well more like a mansion if we are speaking literally). And not only is it a proper house, but a cozy, comfy, warm, calming house. I feel an overall sense of serenity when I come home. The second I enter the  gate off of the street and into the garden, it feels like I’m instantly stepping into a country home. I love living in the middle of the city, but having a house that doesn’t feel like it is in the city. It’s a nice escape from the fast paced life.

The roommates in the house are also great! Most of the guys aren’t around much, but I talk to all the girls on a regular basis and they are all so lovely, kind, and funny! There are so many nights that I will go to cook dinner, but I end up sitting in the kitchen talking with everyone for hours on end. It’s also, in a way, like living in a frat house of a sort. There are 15 of us living here, so when we party, we all tend to party together. Tonight we have a very special night, since it’s my one roommates birthday! She will be 29, so time to celebrate the last year of her 20’s 😉

AND another main reason that it feels like home, is I get to come home every day to an incredible lady. While I know everyone may make the typical “u-haul lesbian” jokes since we moved in together rather quickly, I honestly never regret it, even for a second. We are creating a life together, becoming a little family, of two people that take care of each other. We have a healthy balance of making sure we maintain our own independence and doing what is best for ourselves, but also being selfless when it comes to our relationship and doing what is also best for the other person. Yes, technically I am living with my girlfriend, but honestly it just feels like I am living with my best friend, who I just happen to also be totally in love with!

I feel so grateful that I get to come home every day to a house, and little family, that I love!


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