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This past weekend was spent packing up my old Apartment.

On Saturday evening, we officially moved into our new place in Dublin City Centre.

It’s a lovely, old, huge Victorian House on the Southern side of the city. From the street it doesn’t look like much, but once you go through the gate, there is a huge garden/car park in the front, and then another garden around the corner.We share the house with 13 other students/young professionals, so plenty of new people to meet and talk with– everyone seems lovely! The room is about twice the size as my old room with tall ceilings, and has a huge, gorgeous window so the room is always filled with sunshine! I honestly have slept better the past two nights than I have since I moved to Ireland. The room is so cozy and nice, and I’m so happy and relieved with the move! (More pictures to come later!)

We got here around half five Saturday, and once we put our bags in our room, we immediately headed out to Penney’s to pick up some bedding. Then stopped at Leo Burdocks and got a thing of fish and chips to eat for a quick dinner.


I went vegetarian when I was 10 years old, and have stayed strictly vegetarian since then. But lately I just haven’t been feeling as well, so I’ve decided to adjust my diet slightly. Cutting out most dairy products and adding some seafood to my diet. I don’t know if seafood is something I will continue to eat, but I figured I would try it for a little bit and see how I feel.

We slept in Sunday and had a lazy morning, then went out for brunch at Yogism in Georges Arcade. I ordered a green tea matcha latte, and Ro ordered a latte. We also split the vegan, banana pancakes with soya yogurt and almond butter. It was so delicious and filling!

We then spent some time having fun in the music shop across the street. Playing with the guitars, pianos, ukuleles, mini accordion, and random different drums.

Afterwards we stopped by Dunnes to pick up groceries. We each paid about €20 on food, which isn’t bad considering we stocked up on a lot of basics, and got food to last for about a week! Shopping vegetarian saves a lot of money!! 👍

The rest of the evening we stayed in our nice new room. Ro worked on her art, I spent my evening relaxing with a good book and Netflix! And of course plenty of cups of tea!


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