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So it has been quite a while since I’ve written about my life…

After three lovely weeks celebrating the holidays at my home in the States, I hopped on a plane and returned to my second home, here in Ireland. I was greeted by my love at the airport with open arms, and then jumped straight back into reality since exams started the day after I got back. Exams were grand. Every class depends on mainly 1-3 essays and a final exam in long-response essay format. It’s stressful due to that fact my grade relies so heavily on only a few grades, but I feel pretty confident about my finals.

Shortly after my return I turned 21 years old! I got a little surprise party for two (since exams were happening no big party occurred), but it was more than I could have asked for! I swear I lucked out with the best girl ever..!


And the biggest news of all…..

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen (and all other genders), I have made the decision to move out of the tiny town of Maynooth and move into the City! I am still going to school, just commuting now. My time here is short, and life is short, so why not make the most of it?

And since I’ve never shown my current apartment before…

 My room is now all packed and I will be heading to the new place tomorrow! I’m about to be living it up in the city and in the centre of all the action!

(I’m sure I will have plenty of more things to blog about soon since my life is about to get much more interesting and full of honest adventures..!)



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