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This past semester I had a lecture on the philosophical issues in psychology. We covered the topic of embodiment for a couple of weeks, and it got my mind churring and coming up with my personal, more solidified, theory  on embodiment, life, and death. So here it is…

Embodiment and Life:

Our bodies are like the house, or cage, to our soul. Without a soul, our body may still be alive (in the sense that our heart is beating), but without a soul the body would be like an abandoned house. No owner, no real life involved. Our human bodies are the bridge between our individual internal world (our mind and soul) and the external, physical world. Without our body, or a functioning body, it would be as if we were in a coma. Our mind still working, but completely unable to communicate, engage, or interact with the physical world and other people. Without a soul, our bodies would be like zombies, absent of all personality and real life.

I believe the soul and the human body are two separate entities, but in order for either entity to be functional, they need each other.

Embodiment and Death:

Everyone handles the topic and grief of death differently.There are different ways we conceptualize death in order to be more okay with it,  different methods of coping. There are the concepts, such as heaven or reincarnation which certain religions refer to, and then there are more philosophical ways to think about death.

I remember when I was a little girl the thought of death terrified me. I’ve never felt connected to religion, therefore I personally do not believe in heaven or hell. I’ve aways wondered what would happen after death… As I’ve grown older, death does not scare me as much. I decided I could either live in fear (and not really live at all), or accepts every day for what it is and truly live my life to the fullest while I get the privilege to.

I’m not sure how old I was, I believe around 8-10 years old, when I came up with my own theory….(and looking back on that now, I really had deep thoughts and emotions at such a young age).

(I don’t like putting a title on myself, but in order to be clearer I will use some titles to explain). I am not religious, but I consider myself spiritual and with views that align more so with humanism. I think that once someone passes away, what is left of them in the physical world is the impact they have made on other people…

Changes, knowledge, daily insights,

love, support, acceptance, memories.

As already stated, I believe that a persons soul and physical body are two separate entities. When a person dies, I believe that it is only their physical body that exits the world. The heart stop beating, the blood stops pumping, and their soul loses their house and their ability to live in the physical world. But this doesn’t mean that a persons soul leave the earth.

Since their soul no longer has a house to live in, it is left essentially homeless. While a soul could stay floating around the earth, a soul has another option to find a home after they lose their personal body.

Since what is left behind is the thoughts and memories of that person, I believe the soul is split up and lives within the bodies of those that loved the person before they died. A person’s soul finds comfort and home within those that are still alive. The loved ones will keep the soul alive through the memories and impact the person made on the loved one before they passed.


(You may disagree with me, I’m always open and grateful to discuss new view point, since that is one major way knowledge and growth occurs. But, as of now this is my current thoughts and theories on this topic).



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