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I often feel like I was put on this earth to spread love, create acceptance, and make the world a better place.

…And I don’t say this in an egotistical, I’m-better-than-anyone-else way, but just that I have a very unconventional, philosophical, optimistic and accepting view of the world. I don’t settle for things just because that’s “just how they are”, instead I question and challenge the ideas and situations. Even when bad things happen, I have the faith that change is possible and that there is still good in the world.

I often think too many people have become stuck in the ways and traditions of society, and assume issues and problems are often too great to ever change. But due to this mindset, we are creating a self fulfilling prophecy. If we think change is impossible, than improvements aren’t as likely to happen. I believe in order for things to change, we have to have the optimism and the faith that change is possible; that with work, passion, and determination we have the power to change the world. We have the power to make the world a better place for our children, and grandchildren, and that as every generation comes along, hopefully more positive changes will occur.

But I know sometimes it can seem like changing the world is completely impossible, and it cannot be done purely alone, but we can all take steps in our lives to create a better world… If just one hundred people do one act of kindness each, than that’s another one hundred kind acts that are now put out into the universe, making the world a little bit of a better place.

Smaller ways we can change the world:

  • Smile or say hi to someone that appears sad to help make their day just a little bit better
  • Show your appreciation of people’s kind acts towards you and others
  • Start a conversations about hush-hush topics
  • Support loved ones (and also support those you also don’t know quite as well)
  • Pick up a piece of trash
  • Buy cruelty free make up products to support animal rights
  • Devote some time and volunteer
  • Walk or do a run in support of a good cause
  • Support local business with good moral ethics, or businesses that donate part of their profit to a good cause
  • Donate some money (it can be as small as $5)
  • Get involved in a good cause, such as the cure for cancer, animal rights, child or domestic abuse, LGBT+ rights, etc.
  • Simply be happy and spread love and joy throughout the world

….And the list could go on for hours!!!

You don’t have to devote your whole life to make a change, it can just be tiny acts you do throughout your day to make a difference. Any little thing, no matter how insignificant it may seem, makes a difference. As my glorious girlfriend and I were talking about the small things me and her do in our lives to make a difference, she described that small acts of kindness, “have a ripple effect, and ripples start out small before eventually turning into waves.”

It’s the crazy people, the passionate, the brave,  and the determined that make a difference. It is the people that believe in the (what appears to be) impossible, that are able to make the “impossible” turn into a possible reality.

Personally, I want to take on some of the responsibility and devote my life and career to making a difference. I can’t change the world all at once, but I feel like I’ve already been doing kind acts for most of my life… starting with my biggest ethical and moral decision to support animal rights by going vegetarian at the little age of ten years old… to now doing little things such as listening to people’s problems, spreading love and acceptance, buying cruelty free makeup, and even just by writing this blog to share ideas and hopefully create conversations.

It’s always possible to change the world by living a good, raw, open life and I think it all begins by purely just starting the conversation.


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