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It’s crazy to think I will be going home in only a few short days.

The time has flown by, but I also feel as if I have been living here for such a long time. So many things have happened, and my way of life has changed.

I’m extremely excited to go home for the holidays and see everyone, but sometimes I wonder what people will think of me. Will they think I have changed? Because I am such an introvert, I often feel that a lot of the changes just happen inside of me. A lot of the changes just deal with how I think and perceive the world, but there have been some major lifestyle changes as well.

I’m excited to go home, but it’s also a little bitter sweet. I feel like Ireland has now become another home for me. While I am extremely excited to go home, I feel like I will also be excited to come back to Ireland. It’s all bittersweet.

I have a home, friends, and a family in both places. I feel extremely lucky and grateful to be blessed with two homes (in two different countries) that are both sad to leave, but both exciting to return to.


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