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People sometimes talk about how you will meet your soulmate in life. The one you are suppose to be with… Now I’ve always found the idea of a soulmate to be a little cheesy, but I agree with the general idea behind it.

While I’ve been in Ireland, I met a person like none other.

We joke around. We have fun. We have deep 2am conversations. We cook together. We understand each other’s minds. We have very similar views (almost to the point that I am speechless by how similar we are). We cry together. We laugh together. We support each other. We push each other to be better people. We see each others strengths. We see each others weaknesses. We love and respect each other. We are two unique individuals that came together… And I wonder how two people can have such an instant, strong love.

I’ve met a person that makes me wonder why I ever let previous people treat me the way they did. This person has the hugest heart and the warmest, most beautiful soul. We can lay around and do apparently nothing for days in a row, yet we never get even close to being bored. Each other’s company is purely more than enough. The amount of communication and trust we found within each other binds us together. I have never met anyone else who I have connected with on such a deep level… it is magical when two people meet and after knowing each other for only a short time, feeling as if we have been best buddies for all our lives.

This person for me is another woman. I’ve fallen in love with another woman. I never felt the need to “come out” growing up, because for me I don’t see same-sex relationships as anything weird or out of the ordinary. I’ve always known I would probably date a girl at one point or another, but never felt the need to do a formal coming out because I knew it wouldn’t change who I was. I figured if I ever fell in love with a girl I would just naturally come out by telling people I had a girlfriend. For me, telling people I have a girlfriend is no different or harder than telling people I have a boyfriend. If anyone responds negativity, then I figure it is just a tell tale sign that I shouldn’t have that person in my life. I’ve learned throughout the years to gain enough respect for myself, so that I don’t let others disrespect me. I was very lucky and blessed to grow up in an open-minded and accepting community. I never really felt a need to give myself a label. I guess if people feel the need to identify me with a label, you could call me queer. But really, I’m just myself. I’m Emma.

As long as two people are caring, respectful, loving, and happy together that is all that matters. I hope that one day people can openly just be themselves and coming out isn’t scary or nerve racking. People don’t have to come out as straight, and I hope one day people won’t feel a strong need to come out as gay, bi, trans, queer, etc., either. We will all just be people and we will all just love and be who we are, regardless of sex and gender. It will no longer be a big deal and everyone can feel open to being their true selves. We will marry who we love, and realize that one’s sexuality doesn’t define or change every aspect of their life.

I am who I am. I love who I love… And that is all that matters.



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