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I continue to experience a large amount of growth.

I’ve always had a good idea of who I am and who I want to be, but every day it becomes clearer. I learn about myself, and the world, through my experiences, my engagements with other people, my mistakes, my happiness, and through tiny everyday tasks. I feel a lot older than I did just a few months ago, like I’m starting to feel like some sort of an adult finally.

Over the past couple of weeks I haven’t written much. No huge event has happened, but life has been taking me on an amazing whirlwind. It’s been all the little things, the tiny moments, the people that have been giving my life a meaning and a purpose. I can feel myself changing, like I’m really starting to figure myself out. Taking risks and embracing life.

I will simply just write about a couple, more interesting, things that have happened recently…

1) This past weekend was an adventure in itself. I spent the weekend in Dublin with some friends of mine that go to an art college in Dub. This whole weekend kind of felt like I was living in a film. I couldn’t actually believe some of the things that happened…

We started off the day by going to a vintage clothes sale (where I bought two Christmas jumpers, two shirts, and a flannel all for only 26 Euro–What a good deal!). Afterwards, we got burritos at Boojum (the equivalent to Chipotle back in the States), and then had a crazy night, kind of like what you would see if you watched the uk tv show, Skins.

It was almost a little too crazy for me, but it was also a grand night too. There was drinking, smoking, and pills were being passed around (which I did not participant in, and don’t encourage at all). At the small house party, a couple of the people were playing guitars, and me and some others were singing along. I love the music scene here, it’s like none other. The night continued and we all went walking around Dub in the freezing nighttime. The Christmas lights were lit up throughout the streets, it was magical! (I wish I got some pictures, but I was too busy enjoying those in my company). We went to some pubs, people were all shifting each other, and in general just having a great night. I guess it was one of those crazy nights people have when they are in their twenty-somethings…. Needless to say I was very hungover the next day. My Irish friend simply told me I had become a little more Irish after having such a crazy night resulting in me being completely dead the next day. Everyone took great care of me afterwards and I made some lovely friends. Throughout the weekend we had some really nice deeper conversations. I just love connecting with people on a deeper level!

Crazy memories were made that weekend. I don’t have any regrets, but I also have no want to do that crazy night again any time soon. I’ve never been a huge partier, and I still am not. It was a crazy experience of Dublin’s night life, and definitely a night to remember.

2) But, the biggest change in my life is that I have made an amazing connection with a certain Irish person. A deep connection I haven’t found with any other human being before. I’ve found love in a unexpected place. And an incredible, beautiful, raw, healthy relationship has been blooming over the past month or so. I have been spending a fair amount of time with this person, and it feels as if we have known each other our whole lives. I feel like certain aspects of my life require a little bit of privacy, and at the moment this is one of those things. It has just been a big part of my life lately. But I will write more about it later I’m sure, but for now I am going to just live life.


I just wanted to write a quick update so people know I am doing well, I am healthy, and I am happy.





One thought on “Change, Crazy Night in Dub, and Finding Love?

  1. John Bengson says:

    Enjoyed reading your post, Em. I appreciate and greatly respect the honesty with which you are sharing your adventures. I’m so happy for you and proud that you’re courageously living your live, embracing each day’s experiences and delighted to hear that you are finding a deep, loving connection – love – in unexpected places with this special Irish person. I look forward to hearing more about them when you are ready. I can’t ask for more, though, than to know you are healthy, happy and seeing in yourself the awesome adult person that mom and I love so much. Wear your holiday jumpers with pride. (: Can’t wait to see you. Love you!


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