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This past weekend I made the trip down to Dun Laoghaire. I went with a couple friends to go to the little Christmas market there.

We were starving, so first, food. We went to this cafe, Blue Ginger, and got fried brie to split between the three of us (I love this stuff), and since it was freezing outside (and by freezing I mean like 40 degrees F, so not too bad, but still) we also all got a nice, hot bowl of soup.

After our little/early dinner we headed down to the small Christmas market. And boy, was it little. There weren’t many vendors there, but it was adorable.

Since it was the first day of the festival there was a children choir, some more music, “Santa’s arrival” (Oh, how exciting!!), and fireworks. There was actually quite the crowd there! There were a huge amount of families with small children there. The children were adorable, and the pure silliness, excitement, and pure happiness they were experiencing was fantastic. Just watching the joy in everyones face made my night!

(Don’t mind my pretty terrible pictures, I mean it was only like 6pm, but the sun is way gone by then…)

After the festival, they turned on all the lights around the town. How cute! And since it was freezing, we stopped at a pub and got ourselves some irish coffee before heading home!

It was a very cute, little start to the Christmas season. I cannot wait for more…

(…but first, I need to buy a Christmas jumper)! 




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