honest adventures of em

Queer. NYC. Plant-Based. Travels.

Lately I have been changing. Good changes. Becoming more myself, and going against the grain.

So think about it…. Some social norms are understandable. Like attending one’s lectures, not driving through a red light, not invading peoples personal space, etc. But there are other social norms that are superficial and narrow minded, specifically a large majority of norms presented in the mass media. Such as how a person should dress, stereotypes around gender and sexuality, how a persons body should look, that money is the measure of one’s success and happiness, the pressure to have a “perfect” life, etc. If every person followed those social norms, then everyone would be the same. There would be less diversity. Less creativity. Less innovation. Less change.

We are all part of the human race, but we all have unique creatures within ourselves. We are not all the same, and it’s silly to act as if we are. We have different weakness, but also different strengths. Every person has talents specific to who they are.

We are all different and lie on different spectrums… Political views lie on a spectrum, gender lies on a spectrum, sexuality lies on a spectrum, religion and spirituality lies on a spectrum, and the list could continue for days. So many things are not black and white. We live in a world full of colors in between. And who’s to say there is only gray in between? I believe there is a whole rainbow of colors, an unlimited amount of colors, but sometimes it’s hard to see the rainbow especially during storms.

But I like going against social norms. It makes me feel more in control of myself, and in a certain way, more strong and influential.

I’ve always felt like my life purpose is to leave a positive impact on people and on the world. Whether that means only impacting a small handful of people, or creating a life around being an activist and effecting society on a greater level. I hope that at least by going against the norms, I can be part of the general movement. The movement to make the world a more accepting and open minded place. I want to be different and show that it’s okay, and in fact it’s great, to be different. We only have one life and we should live it to our purest, most raw selves.

I hope that one day only necessary social norms will exist. That we will look past stereotypes. That we will embrace our unique, creative selves. That we can accept and celebrate our differences. That we will use our different minds and ideas to help the world flourish.


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