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Between getting back into life after my travels, writing essays, attending lectures, dance, and spending time with good people, I have been unable to keep up with my blog. I just finished all my posts about my travels around the UK, so I’m finally getting back to writing about my life here in Ireland.

My travels were so grand. I’m really independent and so just going off on my own and having complete freedom to do what I want, when I want, just adds a whole sense of serenity to my life. It’s so peaceful, and in a weird way, also healing/therapeutic.

Since I’ve gotten back, I have been investing more time into the Dance Soc here on campus. We have been practicing every week, and last week had a performance at DCU in Dublin. It was a showcase with about five colleges doing different dance pieces. The show was fun, and it was lovely getting to see some of the other dance teams. Afterwards was when the real fun started though… We went out to a club in Dublin and all danced the rest of the night away! I really love the dance soc here. It’s full of amazing ladies! I’ve also been teaching some dance classes and it’s been great writing choreography and teaching. It makes my heart happy!

It’s also getting towards the end of the semester so I now have been shutting myself in my room a lot and doing more research and writing essays. I’ve written a handful of essays already, and have two more essays due next week that I need to write! Overall, the school work isn’t too terrible though, just time consuming.

The last update I have is that I shaved like a quarter of the hair off my head! I have been spending a lot of time with this amazing Irish girl lately, and I was telling her that I wanted to cut my hair, but didn’t know what I should do. After looking around at pictures online, she recommended an undercut. We did some research on how to do it properly and after a few hours we had walked to Boots (a pharmacy), I bought a razor…. and my hair was gone!

Very spontaneous. I’ve really been craving change lately.


My hair when it is up.


My hair still looks the same when it is down. I have such thick hair…



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