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By the time I got to London, I was so exhausted I had lost some of my initial motivation. But hey I was in London, so of course I was going to make sure I enjoyed it and didn’t waste time!!

My first stop was Camden Lock Market! There were so many vendors selling clothes, jewelry, food, etc. It was so overcrowded with people that it was hard to get around though. I ended up getting a massive falafel wrap for lunch there. To eat I sat down at one of the outside picnic tables by the food vendors, but then an Italian family came and sat down too. I felt as if I was crashing their meal, even though I really wasn’t.


After eating I headed to find my hostel. On the way I walked through some gorgeous parks.

At the hostel I met a couple American college students staying in my dorm room. They were on the same kind of travel journey as me for the past week. They had the week off of lectures at their school they were studying abroad at in France, so they were going around Europe visiting different countries. It was nice getting to talk to them and exchange stories.

The first night I met up with a friend, Alex, studying in London and we went to a fantastic pizza place and walked around the city!

The second day, I did a large amount of walking… I walked through the city to the river, which I walked along for a while and stopped off at the Borough market to get lunch. It was a massive market crowded with people. While I was there I stopped by all the vendors that had free samples and got a little taste of a lot of different foods.

As I was walking, I saw the London bridge, the Tower bridge, the Tower of London, and St. Paul’s cathedral.

That night I went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Her Majesty’s theater. I had no plans for the night and was able to buy a last minute ticket that afternoon for £28. It was quite amazing!

The next day was the final day of my travels. I met up with Alex for a 21st birthday brunch. It was delicious and it was nice to be in the company of some nice people! At brunch we all drank a few glasses of prosecco… after brunch I went walking across London to the train station. Walking through London at 1pm tipsy is quite an experience in itself… haha

As I was walking I also came across a small protest taking place.

The rest of my day consisted of taking a train to gatwick airport, a plane to Dublin, and a bus home!

What a grand time I had! I learned so much about travel, but more importantly I learned more about myself and grew as a human throughout that journey. I feel as if I am now a changed women. More independent and free.

At the end of the day, I’m just in love with life!


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