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I arrived by train to Cambridge in the early afternoon.

It was too early to check into my hostel so I walked around the more residential area to kill 40 minutes before I could check in and drop off my bag.

After checking into the hostel I walked down to the center of Manchester. I passed by a bubble tea shop, and got myself a cup of coffee with tapioca. Yum yum.

Between the two days I was here, I spent the afternoons walking around the town and looking in the shops. I walked through the many different, beautiful colleges in the town as well…

I also found one of my new favorite places to eat: Wasabi. I’be barely had any Japanese/sushi since I left the states, so it tasted amazing! (And I may, or may not have, eaten there three times…)

I spent part of my afternoon the second day at Fitzbillies. I got a flat white (coffee) and their famous Chelsea bun. It was delicious!

The main reason I added Cambridge into my places to visit was because there were too shows I really wanted to see. The first night I went to a Lapsley show. It was a small gig in like a black box type room in the back of a pub. It was actually really nice and cozy. It was at a pub called the Portland Arms, and since it was on the other side of town I under estimated the length of time it would take to walk. I got there plenty early, so I just ordered a blue moon beer and sat and journaled. I was going to eat, but they were all out of pizza so I just got a drink instead.

The night ended up going really well, with only one little mishap! Before the show started, I met a couple British girls(Rachel and Heather) in the pub, they were nice, down to earth girls. They were both in their mid-20s so a little older than me, but that didn’t matter. They were eating, but I wanted to check out the opening band, so I told them we would catch up soon and headed into the small venue. The opening act was Nadine Carina, an electronic type duo.

Between the opening act and Lapsley, a guy approached me in the venue. He was nice, and I think it was really just a lack of social skills, but he started talking about more personal things and I told him I was purely just traveling. He mentioned all the solo travel he did so I told him I was traveling alone and he like flipped… Asking if that’s safe, etc. I pulled a totally feminist card on him. Girls can do anything guys can do–it’s just about being smart and aware. He also asked me some more pretty personal questions to be asking a person he just met, so I just felt kind of uncomfortable after that and excused myself. I went and found the two girls who were still sitting the pub. I told them about the situation and then just hung out with them the rest of the night. They saved me when I went back in the venue and he tried to continue hanging around me… They helped me escape his presence.

Lapsley was really good, and her personality is just so down to earth and perfect!

After the show I continued to talk with the girls. They really wanted chocolate so we went on a search for some place open that late that sold chocolate. We found a convenience shop and they educated me on the different type of chocolates we don’t have in the States. The Portland Arms is a cozy little place so we went back there to get tea and and eat our treats. It’s always fun getting to talk to people from other countries. It’s always a reciprocal learning experience, because we can teach each other about our cultures and homes! The girls were so sweet, and even gave me a ride back to my hostel! I love all the people I’m getting to meet on the way! 😊

On the second night, I went to a Purity Ring concert in the Cambridge Junction. A bigger venue than the previous night. I met a couple girls there as well. Both older too, like mid-20s. I talked to them at the beginning, but naturally just drifted apart throughout the night. The concert was so much fun though! Laspsly was nice, but this night was definitely more fun! It seemed to be an overall younger crowd– majority college students. Everyone got into the music and just danced the night away!


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