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I woke up sleep deprived and exhausted at my hostel in Edinburgh to catch the 9:30 train to York.

I was sleepy, cranky, and feeling ill, but I made my way to my B&B once I got to York. It is a very adorable, tiny, but comfy house and room. Once I checked in I crashed on the bed and took some flu and cold medicine to keep me going.

After resting for a little while and drinking a couple cups of coffee, I got up the energy and went and walked around the tiny town. I found the cat shop (for anyone that knows me, this shouldn’t be surprising hehe), bought a delicious and very hot potato & mushroom pastry for 2.50gbp, and bought a couple crop tops from Ark for 10gpb.

For dinner I went to a pub, Stonegate Yard, and got a veggie burger and a pint of cider to drink as I journaled.

Here are some of my journal entries from dinner:

  1. I keep getting confused for being european… but not that I am complaining. I guess I just don’t seem very American (well besides my accent, obviously!)
  2. I really want to move to Europe. I don’t actually want to move back to the States in June… I think I’m going to try and stay in either Ireland, or somewhere in Europe for the summer. Not move back to the States until August, which is when I have to start school again. There are different options, but some of them include staying with a friend or significant other for the summer (if I have someone at that point), working for a hostel so my stay is free (this would allow me to not have to pay for housing, and getting access to wifi and a kitchen), or doing some other program that would allow me to stay somewhere for free or at a low cost. I plan on getting a small job during the summer, so where I go will also depend on if I can work in the country. I just want to stay here as long as possible.
  3. I feel like I’m now growing up so quickly. It’s just crazy to think about. I feel like I am just changing and growing up so quickly all of a sudden.
  4. I also feel like people from different countries don’t vary as much as I expected. Maybe it’s just the people I’ve met, or just something about me, but I don’t find it hard to relate to other people from different cultures. I mean obviously we have different experiences and cultures, but at the core of all humans we are pretty much the same. We all have the same basic wants and desires in life… Happiness, love, passion, good company, etc. I love meeting people from other parts of the world.

That night I went back to my B&B, got a nice hot shower, and spent the evening snacking and watching the film,”Eat Pray Love.” It seemed like the most appropriate film to watch considering my current life adventures.

The next morning, I got a big breakfast and then checked out of my B&B… Sad to be leaving the cute little room.


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