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I woke up and caught a train from Manchester to Edinburgh. Manchester was good, but I was way more excited to now be heading onto Scotland. I had heard splendid things about Edinburgh and was eager to see what it was like.

While I was on the train, I ended up sitting across from two Scottish Ladies. They appeared to be around early-30s and mid-50s. The three of us were strangers, but we had a nice conversation on the 3 hour train ride. The younger lady lives in Edinburgh and it was nice to talk about it with her, she gave me some tips and ideas of what I should do while I was there.

One of my favorite aspects of train rides: beautiful scenery.

One of my favorite aspects of train rides: beautiful scenery.

After checking into my hostel, which is nice but a little weird and definitely unique, I headed over to Henderson’s Vegan Restaurant.


I then went and walked around the city, through Prince Garden, and the church and cemetery next to the garden/park.  This place is so breathtaking!

For dinner that night, I went to this tiny, non-profit arts place that is supported by the money made through their a small vegetarian cafe, the Forest Cafe. It was a nice, little, quirky, alternative, artsy, relaxed place. I feel as if I fit into these kind of places way more than a formal, fancy restaurant. It was a perfect, little whole-in-the-wall cafe. I order soup to eat while I journaled.


Some of my thoughts I wrote about while I was there:

I feel like I’m going through so much self discovery and growth. I finally feel as if I am becoming my real self (as cheesy as that may sound). I’m starting to let go of the last bits of self consciousness. I’m letting go of my fears of what people may think and just learning to love every little aspect that makes me who I am. I’ve spent a lot of time this past year learning to love myself (I don’t mean that in any cocky or conceited way, but just learning to accept and love myself for who I am). It is something I have to work on constantly, but every day it is becoming easier.

I find myself becoming more fearless everyday. I’m realizing that the world isn’t as scary of a place as I originally thought. It’s quite an experience to travel on my own. I’ve learned that more people will want to help, than harm you. I mean I still use precaution and trust my gut when it comes to sketchy situations, but it’s so freeing and relaxing to travel on my own. I just have a constant feeling of bliss and serenity while I travel.

The second day I was in Edinburgh I went to Ryan’s Pub out of curiosity of what a “Vegetarian Scottish Breakfast” was…

It was alright, but typical pub food, nothing fancy. I’ve found that a lot of cities in the UK have vegetarian or vegan restaurants and a fair amount of vegetarian options at almost all restaurants. It’s quite lovely! One of my favorite things to do along the trip was find the small, but good veggie restaurants and cafes.

One of the places a few locals told me I should visit was Stockbridge. To get there I randomly came across this nice little river walk, which I believe was Leith Path..? And it was so beautiful and peaceful. I ran into it because I got lost, and I’m so glad I got lost! It was a lovely walk!

Once I got to Stockbridge, I instantly knew why locals told me to go here. It was a grand little town, and definitely not a touristy area. It was oh, so lovely! I walked around the town, explored the park, and spent a lot of time in the market there. I bought a ring from a kind lady, a delicious dark chocolate and peach crepe, and a couple tiny bottles of wine from a quirky, nice man. The man offered me a fair amount of samples of his homemade wine, so I bought a couple small bottles with the intent to take them home as a Christmas present to my family. I then realized after the fact that I won’t be of legal age in America when I go home… So I can’t really take them home. Good planning on my half… hahaa

Afterwards I went and walked up Calton Hill. I think the pictures will be worth more than words…



The first night I was there I just walked around the city with two girls I met at the hostel. They were great company! The second night, I hung out with a group of mainly Aussies. We drank wine, played cards of humanity(which I won by the way), made conversation, and overall just had a good night!

Edinburgh is gorgeous! It feels as if I’m living in a fairy tale. I love the older parts of the city. There are beautiful old roads, the architecture of the city is breathtaking, and the people are wonderful. The Castle is stunning, and at night it was lit up with blue lights (which made me think of Disney World). Overall, I fell in love with this place!


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