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After a grand, but exhausting day, I let myself sleep in until 9:15 in my hostel in Cardiff. The hostel provided a nice little breakfast full of coffee, tea, pastries, breads, yogurt, fruit, etc. So I wiped the sleep from my eyes and went and made myself a plate and a cup of coffee. I sat with my new pals and ate my breakfast. (By the way, if you are ever in Cardiff I highly recommend the hostel. It was great and also cheap! It was my first experience in a hostel, and it made a great first impression for hostels–It was honestly my favorite hostel of the whole trip!)
Afterwards, I said farewell to my new friends as they left to go explore Cardiff bay, and I finished getting ready and checked out of the hostel. I had to check out by 11am, but my train didn’t leave until 12:05pm, so I walked around the city some more, bought a cheap 1.50gbp sandwich from Spar to eat on the train, and said goodbye to Cardiff. It’s a nice place, but not a place I’m eager to return to though.

IMG_6275 And now I have a nice 3 hour train to relax, write, and eat my sandwich!!
Thoughts I’m having on this train ride:

  1. So far I’m really enjoying solo traveling. I’ve done day trips alone, and made the move to Ireland alone, but this is a different kind of travel. I’m very introverted so it’s not a struggle for me to be in the company of no one but myself, but solo traveling doesn’t mean I’m entirely alone. I’m constantly surrounded by people, but I have complete freedom over when I want to be alone in solitude vs when I want to socialize. Plus, it’s honestly easier to make new friends as well (I mean look, I’ve already made 5 new friends my first night!)
  2. There is a certain sense of independence, confidence, freedom, calmness, and serenity I’ve been experiencing. In a way, solo travel allows me to be selfish and get exactly what I want out of my experiences. This kind of travel isn’t for everyone, but it’s perfect for me!!
  3. I’ve seriously falling in love with Europe. And travel. It makes me wonder if I will ever be able to settle down. I guess as I get older I may want to settle down. I almost just want to make a living out of travel, and either just not get married for a long time or marry someone who will live a cheap life because we will spend our money traveling the world! I just often felt like I would be in a rut after living the same routine for a while. Like I wasn’t really living, but just going through the motions of life. But now, I actually feel alive. I feel like I’m flourishing.

Once I got to Manchester, I walked through the city on a search for my hostel. I was staying in a YHA hostel for the night. Once I arrived at the hostel, I went to go into my room. It was only like 4pm, but there was a girl sleeping in the room who I accidentally woke up. I wasn’t being loud, but I turned on the light and that was enough. The girl was sweet though, another solo travel from Switzerland. We talked for about a half hour, then I headed out to town and she went back to bed because she was feeling ill.

The sun sets early, so by 5pm the sun was already setting. I just walked around the city to get a feel of the place.

(The second to last picture, were people camping out in the middle of a main shopping street… And the last picture is the entrance to the tiny china town!)

I then went and got some tea (because it wouldn’t be England without tea) and a cup of delicious, hot soup at the Richmond Tea Rooms (located around the gay village area of the city). It was decorated with a Alice in Wonderland/Mad hatter type theme– Cute and charming! I talked with my server to get an idea of the city and the nightlife. They told me the nightlife didn’t really start until very late (which I later found out to be true), but gave me suggestions of good, more relaxed places I could go. They were all very nice and helpful, and when I asked for the bill, I realized they didn’t even charge me for my tea! I found it to be very sweet (especially because this place charged 3.50gbp for the tea, which is kind of expensive, but I got one of their most popular blends– vanilla chai. So delicious!), so in return I left a generous tip!

I then went and walked around the Gay Village…

Manchester was a nice place to visit, but its more of a modern city. Not as much history in the buildings as compared to other places I went. It is more of a grungy, hard edge kind of city. I feel like it would be a great place to go if you wanted to party all night long, but I was exhausted and headed back to my hostel around 11pm and called it a night.

I liked it, but definitely not my favorite place I visited.


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