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I woke up in the pitch dark in order to catch a 6am bus to the airport.

My roommate, Emily, and I took the bus together before we parted ways, with her catching another bus up to Northern Ireland, and with me waiting for my flight. I got here with plenty of time… Getting my boarding pass and going through security was a breeze.

And now I play the waiting game….  

  After an hour of waiting, we all boarded a bus which took us to our extremely tiny plane. 

After a little over an hour, I stepped off the plane in Wales.

As I was looking for the bus to get to center city, I ran into a middle aged man (who grew up in Ireland, but now oddly lives and is a professor in Ohio). But we were both lost and managed to find the bus together.

While I was on the bus, I was ease dropping and listening to the conversation of a Irish girl and a older Irish man discussing travel. The older man just plainly stated, that one thing he loves about young adults these days are our wants to travel and see the world. He confessed that he wished it was more commons when he was younger. Instead just travels now in (what appeared to be) his 60s.

Once I got to the city, after only walking around for about three short minutes, a lady stopped me and asked for directions. Even though I have no idea where I am, apparently I look like I do… I confessed I was new here too and we chatted for a few minutes. Then she told me “Go America, go” because she didn’t want to keep me any longer and apparently I make up for all of America… Haha

I got into town around 11am, and then just walked around city center, the Cardiff castle, Bute park, and the tiny Cardiff Uni.


It was then 2pm, and I was able to check in to my hostel. It’s a cute little place along the river. I got put into a girls 6 bed dorm took. It’s clean and homey.

IMG_6262 After laying down for about a half hour (because I was exhautaed– I mean I did wake up at 4:30am), I got myself together and walked the mile down to Cardiff bay.  

Cardiff bay also included a little shopping center and a bunch of resturants, but when I went (and maybe it was just a bad time of the week/day) but it felt like a ghost town. There was hardly anyone there, and I’m pretty sure the shops and resturants were open, but it all felt shut down because there was only a handful of people.

So after walking around the bay for about a half hour, I headed back to the city for dinner. I tried to find a cafe, but since it was 5pm, most of them were closed/closing. But I did find a little place and got a panini for 4gbp.   It was then 6:30pm and it seemed as if everything but bars and pubs were closed, so I headed back to the hostel and made myself some tea, looked briefly at a travel guide, relaxed and started writing this blog.  Shortly after, a group of five boys came into the main dinning room/living area and started playing with a tiny pool table game. It was quite hiliarous. I chatted with the boys for a little bit, and then they invited me to go out with them. So I thought, hell why not?

So, I’m not sure if Cardiff is always this empty. But they have horrible nightlife on Thursdays. I mean most of the pubs and night clubs had at most a handful of people at each. It was pretty sad. But we wondered around a little before stopping for some beer (or in my case a cider… It was alright, bulmers is way better. Take me back to Ireland! Ha)


We pretty much wondered around, trying to see if any place actually had people (no real luck). But we went to a club with throwback 90s karaoke. It was quite amusing.

While the nightlife sucked, it was fun getting to make some new friends!


One thing I love about solo travel, is that I have the freedom to do what I want. But it doesn’t actually mean I’m alone. There are plenty of people to meet and talk to, and honestly it’s easier to talk to people when I’m on my own, because hey, that’s my only real interactions with people.

I’m excited to continue this journey and see where it takes me. It’s crazy to think this is actually happening. It all feels like a dream.


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