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Well I am currently planning a dream trip.

I will spend 10 days backpacking through the UK. Wales, Scotland, and England.

I have purchased the flights, booked the hostels (and one B&B which I am very excited for), and bought my Britrail Pass. I have also done some research on where I want to go and what I want to see. I have a plan for all the cities I will be going to, but only a vague idea of what I will actually be experiencing.  I will be going to some of the major/touristy attractions, but I want to be more of a traveler than a tourist… My main plain is to just walk around the cities. Get a feel for what it would be like to live in the UK. Find the good, local cafes and restaurants. Chat and get to know other travelers at the hostels. And talk to locals as well. BUT, I won’t talk too much about my plans now, as a much more detailed blog will be written about my experiences afterwards (and follow my Instagram for photos I will be posting along the way)! I plan on buying a cheap UK sim card, in order to not ring up a huge bill on my Ireland number, so I may still be posting blogs as I go from my phone. We shall see what time allows for!

Packing for this trip will be a tad difficult though. Since I will be moving to a new city every 1-2 days, I will only be taking one bag, and will most likely be carrying all my belongings on me at all times. Meaning I will be living a very minimalistic life over the ten days I am traveling. Taking only the necessities and re-wearing clothes for a few days is basically my only option.

An overview of what I will be taking (I have since eliminated a few clothing items)….


And of course some food… Granola bars for breakfasts, digestives for a quick pick-me-up (I’m addicted, it’s becoming my go-to comfort food), and some 20 cent ramen noodles I can cook up at hostels.


And I managed to fit it all into this one bag…


I’m not quite sure how the trip will end up going, but my reason to travel is to learn. To grow and expand my limits. To find myself by getting lost first. To experience the world with an open mind. To gain independence and self-reliance. And to enjoy life.

One of my many life philosophies, is that travel isn’t about just enjoying oneself and having a great time (that’s vacation), but real travel is about learning and gaining experiences. Even if some of the experiences end up being the worst, most shittiest experiences, it doesn’t mean at all that the trip was bad or worthless. There is still a lesson to be learned from it, and personal growth will be the result. Now, I’m not saying I want to have a shitty time (I’m not saying that at all), but simply that I also don’t expect every moment to go smoothly or that I will be surrounded by rainbows and butterflies all the time.

I want to learn from my travels and return with a new, broader perspective on life.


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