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On a whim, yesterday my roommate, Emily, and I jumped on a train to Dublin.

We had both casually mentioned wanting to get our noses pierced, but never made any official plans. But, we both had the evening off and just decided, “Hey, why not today?”

Normally the train rides to Dublin fly by, but this one seemed to last for an awfully long time. Once we finally arrived in Dublin, we made our way over the tattoo & piercing shop. After our research, we figured there were two best places to go: Snakebite or Wildcat. We went to Snakebite, which is a tiny shop up on the third floor off of Abbey Street Middle. We have to be buzzed in — after taking the elevator up, we talked to the lad and lady who ran the shop and they asked us basic questions. They asked us when and what we last ate. Since it was only a light lunch for both of us, he told us to go grab dinner and come back in, he guaranteed us time to do the piercings later this evening, considering it is a walk-in basis.

So, we made our way over to a quaint cafe across the road. Cheap and simple, yet perfectly delicious.


After finishing our paninis, we headed back to the shop. Emily and I both went into the tattoo/piercing room together. Everything was very tidy and sterile in the shop. The guy was very good about talking us through the procedure, the aftercare, our nerves, and answered any little questions we had. He told us little stories (mainly humorous) about other people he has seen in the past.

Emily was a bit more nervous than myself, so she went first.


Next, it was my turn..




If I am being completely honest, I didn’t think it would hurt that bad. BUT it definitely hurt worse than I imaged. It is over and done within seconds, it’s just the initial shock that is kind of horrid.

We discussed the aftercare again, paid them the 27 euros for the piercing, and went on our way.

Before heading back to Maynooth, we went to the shopping centers and strolled around the city since it was a beautiful night.

The rest of the evening was filled with good company, laughter, and maybe (most definitely) a couple (or more) drinks as well. Good craic!



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