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Welcome to my travel, life, and vegan food blog!

When I originally started this blog in October of 2015, it was purely to document my study abroad experience. At that time I felt as if I needed a change in my life, a new adventure to completely push me outside of my comfort zone. (And, you know, I figured moving to a new country by myself would probably do the trick….) So, I packed up my life into a suitcase, said goodbye to the States, and bought a one-way ticket to go live and study in Ireland for a year. I know by saying that it was a “life-changing year” is a bit cliché, but to sum it up, it really was a life-changing year. (Click here to read about my adventures, Ireland: My Year Abroad)

I started this blog on a whim, with the sole purpose of having a good platform to share my experience with friends and family. But, as my year abroad came to an end (and as I started to connect with others outside of my own personal life), I discovered my passion for blogging; for sharing my thoughts and life via social networking. Quickly, my blog expanded from just my travel abroad experience, to many others areas as well. On here you will find posts ranging from my year living abroad, to vegan recipes, to my many philosophical insights, to my various travels, to monthly favorites, to diary-like entries, etc.

I try my hardest to write authentically because I never want to give off that “perfect” social media vibe that others strive for. I write honestly, which includes sharing my flaws and quirks. At the end of the day I’m just a twenty-something girl sharing her life and mind. 

Come follow my honest adventures!

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