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And Hello, old & new friends!

When I originally started this blog in October of 2015, it was purely to document my study abroad experience in Ireland. Since then it has expanded to many different areas. The only connecting theme throughout this blog is: that it is my writing. It’s a bit all over the place, but read what you’d like and comment if you feel so inclined (which I would love).

I am currently living in NYC and working as a full-time nanny (helping to raise my little nephew), so most of the current posts will be about my time here in the city. You can find it under the “NYC Nanny” section above. (Also, if you scroll down you will also find a list of my most recent posts).

. . . .

I try my hardest to write authentically because I never want to give off that “perfect” social media vibe that others strive for. I write honestly, which includes sharing my flaws and quirks. I apologize in advance for any typos you may find. I’m just a twenty-something girl sharing her life and mind.